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simple perspective on building infrastructure as code

For some time over the last few years, engineers with a finger on the beat, would have heard the term infrastructure as code and often wondered how they go about implementing this.

simple perspective on building infrastructure as code feature image Photo Credit: Smithsonian's Institution Human Origins

gotchas when setting up mongoDB replication

When recently building an AWS environment consisting of a number of resources including a replication cluster for MongoDB on a standard linux amazon EC2 instance, I encountered a few minor issues with how the documentation on MongoDB not necessarily covering all basis for how one might go about setting up a replica set.

start to small data yourself [Part 1]

You know the Neanderthals are said to have died out because they chose not to adapt to their changing environment. This theory was founded based on information data gleaned from research gathered across various sites across the world.

why i use powershell openSSH over putty

_Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive post on why Openssh via chocolatey on Powershell is better than putty, I think it’s ease of use, and simplicity makes it a suitable organic replacement for putty.